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  He is a Tennessee walker approximately 8-10 yrs old.. I acquired him through family that found out pride had been slightly mischievous and was jumping fences to get to mares He had been in the show ring with build ups and supposedly pushed pretty hard. I do not know the history on him. All I know is that he severely injured his shoulder in some way and has been lame unable to make ...money. I took him in and put him with the herd. He fit right in.. I had the vet check his shoulder and was taught how to do some daily therapy and muscle strengthening on him. He was also very thin and fearful of ppl.. After therapy love and food in one year he became a very beautiful friendly proud man! He captured my heart immediately and has the sweetest nature of any horse!! He is still sneaky about getting over fencing. He has escaped me twice and to this day we have no idea how he got out. But both times he made his way around the farm to stand on my back porch. I walked him right back to his paddock without a lead or anything. Just talking to him. Sadly, Due to his disabilities he will never be able to foster out or be used again he has arthritis in his joints and has a hard time getting farrier care on one front he is on special diet and joint meds he still gets massage and therapy and muscle rub on sore days ... He will retire at Lil wranglers...



Lil Man:

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  1. I was watching call of the wild and Turtleman called your rescue after he calmed a wild pony. I just wanted to check on the pony. Please respond.