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The best part about owning a horse or having access to a horse is other than the unconditional love that you can recieve and can give you can have fun in all sorts of ways..  It could be a long ride through the woods or just some good quality time grooming.. All horses LOVE to be groomed..and all horse owners love to learn new techniques of a good braid.  I recently did this to one of my horses and she loved it... so did I..

This is Summer she is a 8 year old Tn Walker and she eats up any attention she can get. I watched a great You Tube video and learned how to do this simple easy Diamond Weave..Anyone can do it.

What you need:

Rubber Bands
Hair Gel
Spray bottle of water
Beads ( opt )

Step 1:  Comb out all the tangles and divide the mane into small pony tails.

Step 2:  Here is where you can put a simple bead over the rubber band if you choose.  You will then divide that pony tail in half.  Do this all the way across and you will start to see a diamond apear.
Step 3.  Again you can use a colored bead to cover the band.  Just keep on doing this same thing all the way down to the end of the mane.                                                                                                   

Its so easy and so fun and you can be very creative.. Some tips for next time I do this will be to keep the hair wet cause its easier to work with.  Also to keep it tighter so you could do more pony tails at the beginning and keep your diamonds smaller and tighter..  I hope this will bring some fun time for you and your 4 legged friend.

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