Who We Are

Lil Wranglers Rescue LLC is located just outside Hustonville in Lincoln County. We are a non-profit equine rescue who aids in the Rehabilitation and re-homing horses that are un-wanted, abused and neglected.  We currently house 4 horses, 3 minis’ and 1 pony – all of which are rescues.  We currently have 3 horses that are up for adoption.  Our goal is to make sure these horses find their forever home where they will be taken care of the rest of their life.

We are a brand new rescue established in January of 2012.  We have been in the rescue business for 15 years and recently decided to go public due to the high rise in rescues.  I got into rescues when I worked on a local horse farm and fell in love with a mare named Josie.  When the day came that she could no longer work, I jumped at the chance to take her in.  That was many years ago and ever since my love for horses hasn't changed.  However my views on the Horse Industry has !  We are an avid supporter of  Equine Anti Slaughter campaign.

I have found that the horses I have saved and rehabbed have helped save me many times as well.

At Lil Wranglers Rescue we do more than just horse rescue. We currently have a children’s Pony Club that 2-3 times per month. The kids learn all the basics they need to know about how to groom, lead and maintain a horse. Not only is this great rehabilitation for the horses, its great opportunity for the children as well. And we are open to all ages not just kids. Many adults would like to experience these things as well and have not had a chance to do. At all our Pony Club meetings the kids are provided with snacks, drinks, crafts and occasionally we have guests come and talk to them. Soon we will be giving basic riding lessons.

If you would like to check out our rescue and become a part of this wonderful team we would  love to have you ..


Jana Maples  

Founder of Lil Wranglers Rescue LLC    

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