Friday, July 20, 2012

Lil Wranglers doesnt just have horses.........

There are several of us LW members and we all have a wide variety of animals all of which are furry friends of LW. Especially Lola And Trixie. There are big plans to start bringing Them to Pony day for visits withthe kids.

Recently I contacted Marshall Pet Products since they have been more than generous in the past sending us so much Equine products to try out I was curious about the Rabbit products they sold.. I always have fantastic service when I contact them and she said NO Problem Ill send you out some stuff to try..

Now imagine my total surprise when I open up this box expecting maybe 1 or 2 things and found 6 items to try out. Who knew a bunnie could have so much fun.

 Currently we have 2 bunnies. Lola is the white California Rabbit and Trixie is a double mained lionhead both have very unique personalities and it seemed what Lola didnt care much for Trixie loved..

Over all they both loved the products we have gave them thus far. All the products are totally bunnie safe and edible so if they eat it ( and they did ) it was safe.

The Balls were filled with timothy hay to it gave them a great rewarding treat once they got to the middle. I have more products still in this grand box of goodies that we will be trying out soon...

Everyone please take a second and look up Marshall Pet Products or look them up on facebook and dont forget to tell them Lil Wrangelrs Sent ya !!

Trixie Investigating the Woven Grass Mat.
Trixie Loved the Hide A Way Hut.
Lola Loved the Woven Grass Play Ball especially when they figured out the middle was full of Timothy Hay!
They Both Loved the Hide A Way Hut and it did last for several weeks.
It was a great snack, shelter and play thing !
The fruit stuffer was absolutely the best of all things they tried. I have to admit it didnt last much over 24 hours but because it was so delicious. Stuffed with timothy hay and dried apples.. I will recomend this product to anyone ! We still have some great products to try out and cant wait to give them a chance.. So far 100% From the Friendly bunnies at LW: Hugs from Lola and Trixie

We received products for the purpose of this review.  We were not required or influenced to write a postive review.

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