Friday, July 13, 2012

Welcome to the LW Family " Crazy Horse "

Well on Sunday July 10 at 10 pm the show " Call of the Wildman" aired on Animal planet featuring LW's newest family member " Crazy Horse" Better known around the farm as " Bethie". She is a perfect Lil girl and she is making progress in leaps and bounds.. She once ran so scared of people not about to get too close only close enough to investigate and now she comes up to you. She is doing wonderfully health wise and LW is so proud to have her. We have to say she did give Ernie a run for the money.. She was not about to get caught easily.. We will keep updating pictures as we get them of her and we hope that all you readers were able to tune in to the show last sunday and continue to read and watch as Bethie's Journey at LW continues..

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